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Our Granddaughter Ivy

Our cattery is named after her !

Ivy loves to come to our house and play with all the kittens.

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We are proud to announce that we have 10 outstanding cats that  achieved National wins in CFA.

I also achieved my first Shorthair NW by Campaining a Cornish Rex in the season 2018/2019.

This is our hobby,

our money from our sales go to food, supplies, travel and vet bills. Left over funds are donated to our local shelter and the spay neuter clinic.

If you would like to support them here is a link to donate any funds.

Spot spay and neuter clinic and the Morgan county humane society

Thank you.

Welcome to Ivy Cat, my name is Pam, I started breeding the Persians In 2000, and in 2005 I added the Exotic breed to my breeding program. I've worked very hard to produce some of the best Exotics in the world. The cattery is registered with CFA  and our lines are DNA/PKD negative. The goal is to improve the Exotic breed by breeding and showing the best quality of Persians and Exotics in CFA.

I'm breeding solid and tabbies only at this time.

We are proud to announce that we  have achieved:

54 GC's 29 RW's and 11 NW's.

We are highly involved in many activities in CFA. We live and show in Regions 1-7

We are members of 2 clubs

( Illini Cat club and Indy cat club)

In 2017,   I was excepted into the CFA Judging program and I'm now one of CFA's Approved LH Judges. I'm now working on my SH training to work towards my Double specialty then AB.