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Welcome to our site. My name is Pam and my husbands name is Rick,  We started breeding and showing the Persians in 2000,  then we fell in Love with the Exotic's and decided to add them into our breeding program in 2006. We are CFA registered. I am also the President and show manager for the Indy Cat Club. All of our cats are registered with CFA. My love is the solid and tabbies, I work with solids and tabbies, I have a few bicolors , but I will soon be doing solid and tabbies only. Our goal is to produce wonderful loving Exotics, most of our kittens are show quality, but we offer them to show homes and pet homes. We live in Region 6ERR     






Couronne,  Harwood,  Vickits,  Candirand,  Bocasana,  Budmar, EQuinox,  Bryn Mawr's, Lion House,  Calivan, Artemi, Benzac, Bolo ,Tehy, YQuem, Jerba Nicol,  Purfurvid,  Bectons,  Steeplechase, Parti  Wai Ex, Compri,  SandyPaws,  Jetset, Corsica, Kissables,  Jovan, and more. Our breed lines come from CH, GC, NW, RW, & DM lines. 

 Our Persians lines are all Pure

Our Exotic lines are non cpc, I only have a couple of my cats that carry the cpc number, but they do not carry cpc by DNA tested by UCdavis.

Our cat's are not caged and the males are separated in their own large rooms. Our females have run of the house, we have two nurseries for the moms and babies. We only offer our kittens to good homes that provide us with a vet reference, and do not offer our kittens to homes that cage their cats.

Our kittens start out here with a loving, clean start, and we expect you to do the same when you get one of our kittens. Lots of love and lots of grooming. Our kittens leave at 12 to 14 weeks. We supply the first 2 sets of vaccines and worming.

From time to time we retire our show cats and offer them to pet homes,  they will be on the "available page" with the kittens.

Shipping is Available

Our cats are FIV/FLV NEG.

Our cats are all DNA/PKD Neg.


E-Mail: ivycatcattery@comcast.net

All Proceeds after expenses go to pet charities

Our Charities go to Morgan County Humane Society.

Also spot clinic, spay neuter services.

Spot clinic




Ivy Cat is pleased to anounce our first NW & BW win.


GC,RW,BW,NW Ivy Cat Black Ice Of Purrelli

2nd Best Cat Nationally

Best Exotic Nationally

Best Cat in Region 4


Ivy Cat has another NW 2012/2013


GC,GPD,NW Ivy Cat Quarterback

21st Best Pr cat Nationally

5th best PR cat in region 7

We want to thank Jan and Ed Chambers for making this happen. I give Jan and Ed all the credit for Quarterbacks wins.

July 6,2013 Quarterback is the very first cat in CFA history to get the new Title of Grand Distinction. 

Thank you so much Jan for all the hard work !!!



Males Room

I feel that when breeding, the boys are the Kings, so they get the Royal treatment.

We have 6 kennels for our males, Rick and I built this room ourselves.

Each male has a very large room 6X5 room with shelves for exercise. We made the kennels out of PVC pipe which is very easy to keep clean. We also added ceramic tile flooring with a drain to spray the kennels down if needed. Our kennel is located next to our kitchen, the boys have their own play area located by Grooming area.  Each boy gets to take turns to run the room for a hour each day. We also added ventilation and humidifiers, the room is also heated and has A/C. 


This is our grandaughter Ivy, she loves to come to our house so she can play with all the kitties... I hope in the future that she will enjoy traveling and showing the cats with us.

We never have to worrie about Ivy around the cats or kittens, she has always been very good with them.

Thanks Ivy for all your help with the kitties when you come to our house :)


Feel free to use the above banner on your site...please link it to www.IvyCat.org .